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Artistic Judgement

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Artistic Judgement sketches a framework for an account of art suitable to philosophical aesthetics. It stresses differences between artworks and other things; and locates the understanding of artworks both in a narrative of the history of art and in the institutional practices of the art world. Hence its distinctiveness lies in its strong account of the difference between, on the one hand, the judgement and appreciation of art and, on the other, the judgement and appreciation of all the other things in which we take an aesthetic interest. For only by acknowledging this contrast can one do justice to the importance regularly ascribed to art. The contrast is explained by appealing to an occasion-sensitive account of understanding, drawn from Charles Travis directly, but with Gordon Baker (and Wittgenstein) as also proximate rather than remote. On this basis, it argues, first, that we need to offer accounts of key topics only as far as questions might be raised in respect of them (hence, not exceptionlessly); and, second, that we should therefore defend the view that the meaning of artworks can be changed by later events (the historical character of art, or forward retroactivism) and that art has an institutional character, understood broadly on the lines of Terry Diffey's Republic of Art. Besides providing a general framework, Artistic Judgement also explores the applications of the ideas to specific artworks or classes of them.

Ethics In Public Policy And Management

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The past 25 years have seen profound changes in the landscape of public services internationally. Public sector reforms under the guise of New Public Management, Governance and, more recently, Public Value have impacted the ways in which practitioners deliver public services and the way in which academics think about those services. Increasing complexity, scarce resources, smaller government, privatisation, weakened employment relations, new forms of citizen engagement, including the use of social media, and so on have contributed to this changing landscape. At the same time traditional notions of accountability, public service motivation, responsibility, integrity and public duty are under challenge. In the past 15 years, the field of public sector ethics has become much more international in its scope. Once dominated by scholars from the USA, researchers in Europe, Asia, and Australasia are now much more prominent. Bringing together a global group of scholars; Ethics in Public Policy and Management looks to reflect this changing landscape. This excellent volume offers a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the field with contributions from scholars from different disciplines such as political science, sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology, critical studies, reflecting the different approaches that have been taken. The volume provides thought-provoking reading for educators, administrators, policy makers, and researchers within the fields of public management and ethics alike.

A History Of Management Accounting

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There is growing interest in the history of accounting amongst both accounting practitioners and accounting academics. This interest developed steadily from about 1970 and really 'took off' in the 1990s. However, there is a lack of texts dealing with major aspects of accounting history that can be used in classrooms, to inform new researchers, and to provide a source of reference for established researchers.The great deal of research into cost and management accounting in Britain published in academic journals over the last twenty years-including the authors' own contributions-makes The History of Cost and Management Accounting an essential contribution to the field.

A Short History Of Finland

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This is a second edition of the most successful study of Finland in the English language. It presents the reader - whether tourist, student, specialist, or business person - with a readable and authoritative introduction to the Finns and the present position of their country in the modern world. A Short History of Finland traces the historical development of the country from its settlement by the Finns in the first millennium AD to the present time, exploring Finland's earlier connection with Sweden, the complex relationship with Russia which has dominated Finnish history in the last two centuries, and the post-war achievements of the second republic. This second edition has been revised and updated by Emeritus Professor A. F. Upton, a leading scholar of Scandinavian history, and discusses the impact of the break-up of the Soviet Union and brings events up to Finland's admission to the European Union in 1995.

The Labour Market Impact Of The Eu Enlargement

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Floro Ernesto Caroleo and Francesco Pastore This book was conceived to collect selected essays presented at the session on "The Labour Market Impact of the European Union Enlargements. A New Regional Geography of Europe?" of the XXII Conference of the Italian Association of Labour Economics (AIEL). The session aimed to stimulate the debate on the continuity/ fracture of regional patterns of development and employment in old and new European Union (EU) regions. In particular, we asked whether, and how different, the causes of emergence and the evolution of regional imbalances in the new EU members of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are compared to those in the old EU members. Several contributions in this book suggest that a factor common to all backward regions, often neglected in the literature, is to be found in their higher than average degree of structural change or, more precisely, in the hardship they expe- ence in coping with the process of structural change typical of all advanced economies. In the new EU members of CEE, structural change is still a consequence of the continuing process of transition from central planning to a market economy, but also of what Fabrizio et al. (2009) call the "second transition", namely that related to the run-up to and entry in the EU.


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